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I'm a writer. I'm an editor. I'm a national award-winning newspaper columnist, too. Whoo hoo! 

Be clear. Be concise. Be compelling.

Those are the three simple rules for writing I follow.

I will never try to engage your stakeholders by leveraging my
wordsmithing skills through value-added gobbledygook.

I simply will make your messages understood and remembered.  
My services are available -- for a reasonable fee -- to corporations, small businesses and individuals for:

   -  Ad copy, advertorials
   -  Audio and video scripting
   -  Benefits communications
   -  Corporate communications (electronic or print)
   -  Employee communications (electronic or print)
   -  Marketing brochures
     -  News releases, media kits
-  Newsletters
-  Presentations
-  Speechwriting
-  Trade and mass media
-  Web sites / intranets

I'm also available for general communications consulting, including:

    -  Benefits, corporate and employee communications
    -  Web site usability

Contact Kevin at 203-345-6658 or kevin@writeonkevin.com.