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Advertising / marketing
     - Aker: Outlook Plus bathware brochure
     - Centex: What to Expect from Your New Home - Warranty & Performance Standards
     - MAAX Bath Inc.: MAAX Collection freestanding bathtub brochure
     - MAAX Bath Inc.: "Enjoy the Experience" product catalog pitch    
     - Ryan's Barkery: Only the best for your best friend

Benefits communications
Centex: Update on Benefits newsletter

Employee communications
     - Centex: CEO quarterly newsletter
     - Centex: Home Care Guide video FAQ/tips
     - Texas Health Resources: Diversity calendar

News releases
     - MAAX Bath Inc.: MAAX Stretches Comfort, Versatility in New RUBIX Bathtub Series
MAAX Bath Inc.: MAAX Mobile Academy (for use by local dealers)

Opinion / humor

     - Hearst Connecticut Media Group: When boy meets 1st mitt: A glove story 
     - Hearst Connecticut Media Group: BLT - Hold the bread and circuses
     - The Globe and Mail (Canada): I am househusband; hear me roar

     - ABC News
     - USA Today
     - U.S. News & World Report