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Here's what people are saying about Kevin McKeever:

"I have been working with Kevin for the greater part of 10 years. Over the course of these years, he has joined with me in two industry manufacturing leaders – one in baths and the other in hot tubs. In both cases, he has been integral in the creation of the content for web re-design, marketing press releases and industry communication pieces as well as the creation of corporate messaging and content documentation. Kevin has a strong grasp and ability to quickly understand an industry, key messages to be communicated and to take little information, general direction, connect the dots and spin it into the desired message and outcome. He is a ‘natural’ that makes it so easy and a great joy to work with. I highly recommend Kevin and his magical pen!"
     -- Patricia Diamente, President/CEO, Coast Spas Manufacturing

"Kevin is easygoing and very adaptable. He takes the time
to understand you, the audience and the business issues
involved in every communication. He always comes through,
whether it's a high-level strategic business presentation, a heartfelt retirement speech or a simple memo of recognition for a deserving employee."
     -- Andy Kerner, President/CEO, beverage industry; CFO, homebuilding

“Kevin is one of the most creative writers I have ever known. He excels at explaining complex information in a way that is both interesting and informative. Kevin always puts the audience first and, as a result, delivers impactful communications that exceed both company and employee expectations.”
      -- Brian Levinson, VP, marketing and public affairs, health care

“Kevin is great at adding value to the message. When he is charged with preparing a speech or written document that must communicate a certain business message, Kevin adds color, pertinent anecdotes and humor that illustrate and amplify the message, and also make that message much more memorable; and he does it without diluting or cluttering the message.”
      -- Robert Hillmann, President/COO, homebuilding

"Kevin is an extremely talented communications professional. Not only is he a gifted writer and editor, he also brings to the table the ability to think strategically, which helps him excel as a manager. The quality of his work speaks volumes about his ethic and attention to detail. I don’t hesitate to give him my highest recommendation."
     -- Gayle Goodman, CEO, communications/strategic marketing

“Kevin is extremely well organized. This core strength fosters efficient production work-flows and effective problem resolution. I would work with Kevin on any project, deadline-constrained or otherwise.”
     -- Charlie McDonald, Creative director, marketing

"Kevin's diversity of style, tone and technique allows him to reach a variety of audiences through concise, compelling and easily understandable communication. He’s well-versed at taking complex ideas and translating it into clear information that is also enjoyable to read."
     -- Lara Rodriguez, Director, communications, health care